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That was seriously awesome.

i like it, quite a lot actually. i had to stop it about a minute before it was finished because of the sound quality (but you already know about that i'm sure. I have been browsing your work and the thing that stands out to me is you seem not to have lost the true essence of youth. the fact that this has no music actually made me think about the games my friends and i would play as a child. the only thing i might add (were i a creator) would be some backround type noises as the constant shifts in volume (none to full) are pretty distracting. 4 stars and all my 5 are belong to you my friend

pfft... there's something in my eye thats all...
very nice animation, nice story, kids voice is not annoying (nice voice acting), honestly thought it would end on a much sadder note. i'm honestly having trouble finding something to come down on here...
great animation all my 5

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Pretty funny. held my attention for a few minutes. though the amount of blood you draw in your poop makes me wonder about your health friend, hopefully trump wont win so you'll be able to get that checked out at the doctors...

looked like it had the potential to be a good game but rather than a good curve into the game you get no time before the game starts throwing challenge at you. so it becomes instantly frustrating.

very VERY nice,

i like how the paint smears when you run over it. i would like to know how the tri shot gets activated cuz i'm like running from this huge mob of baddies being all like common tri shot common

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wow simply wow

iactualy make a point of listening to this song every day. i don't even like trance but this is just so damn cool.

joly, this is by far the best version of this

goes perfectly with the original song and sounds cool

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